Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Rabbits?

Why on earth would anyone want to adopt a pet rabbit?  What makes them so special?  They aren't the best pet for kids, they generally don't like to be picked up-and let's face it, until you've had one.........they seem to be a strange choice for a pet!!!

Here are my top 10 reasons for having a Bun as my best friend:

1) They dance!  It's called a binky or a popcorn depending on your buns style.
2) They race!  Bunny 500's are amazing feets (pun intended) and as exciting to watch as the Indy 500!
3) They helped me learn to eat better: all those greens reminded me I need to eat mine too!
4) Trust: when you have gained your rabbits trust its amazing what you see in them.
5) They purr-well, their teeth grind and make a purring noise when they are happy with you.
6) They can box!  Especially when they don't wanna be messed with they can be little champs!
7) They use a litter box-my girl is so lady like, better than my cat was!
8) Multiple rabbits form the coolest friendships.
9) Each one has a unique personality and when you get to know them, they are happy to share it.
10) Why not have a rabbit???

Comedian Amy Sedaris has an excellent video that she made for the House Rabbit Society on the joys and responsibilities of having a pet bun. (Again, this video is courtesy The House Rabbit Society)

Like any pet you bring into your home, be ready to treat them with respect and kindness.  Animals need food, shelter, vet check ups and most importantly your love.  If you aren't prepared to care for the animal for 8+ years you might want to rethink bringing them home.  Most people do not realize that well cared for buns can live for 10 or more years.  They can bring you so much joy, but be prepared to care for them.

Tomorrow will be a post about running-but for now-gotta HOP to it!

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