Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Running?

A couple of weeks ago my husband asked me why I felt obligated to run marathons. It was such a strange question and honestly I was a tad annoyed because...well...why didn't he just read my mind and 'get it?'
Well...even if he did read my mind I'm fairly certain there wasn't much to get. Honestly I don't know why I run anymore. It started in college as a way to keep the weight off, but somewhere along the way it was no longer about that and I was still running.

But I can't think of a reason why other than that going for a run has become the equivalent of eating, breathing or sleeping-it's just a natural part of my day (or every other day as the case may be). So...I really don't have an explanation other than an annoying one of 'just becuase.'

Sometimes I think we overthink things....sometimes we run just to when you watch a dog run it's sheer joy. It's enjoying the movement, the process, feeling the lead fall out of your legs. It's feeling your lungs expand and take in the fresh air and exhaling out all the negative gross stuff you've had to endure during the day.

Running is about the challenge, because you really never know what race day is going to bring. Sometimes shit happens and the race falls apart. It's about how you come back after it all shakes out that spells who you are as a runner (I've DNF'ed 3 times at the Columbus Marathon by the way).

Most days running hurts-sometimes the hurt is physical and other days it's a mental agony of forcing yourself to just move your feet for a few moments longer. What keeps a person coming back is the feeling of accomplishment. Even on the worst days I come back and am proud I chose to do battle that day!

The easy days are blis- as runners there are moments you run and you feel like a gazelle, your form, your breathing...all of it is just so easy. We live and run for those days too.

I joke that I am the raccoon of the family, because I also run for the bling or the medal that may be at the end of some races. I love that shiny piece for something I see when I cross the finish line. I make no apologies for this either :)

So running and rabbits you ask??? started with the Columbus Marathon and as I continue to blog hopfully more will be made clear.

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