Monday, June 11, 2012

Long Time No See! Cap City Half Marathon Race Report

I don't know why it has been so long, but it has!  Two months since I wrote a new blog post.  I can't decide if so much has happened, or if nothing really at all has happened.
Right after I last posted we adopted another Bunny Bun- his name is Thurman- he's a major sweet heart but not so keen on being petted.  He loves his nose kissees though!

Right after that I also ran my 12th half marathon, which I confess I was pretty excited about.  It was the Cap City Half Marathon here in Columbus Ohio.  The day was fairly cool- but there was high humidity.  At about 97% , which if you have not trained in it- it was overwhelming.  I felt miserable after the first 3 miles.  It was one of those crazy days...I knew a bunch of people who had personal bests, and for me it was close to a worst.  But, I finished...which is part of the excitement in my book.

As far as half marathons go, this race has some great things, like the medal, shirt and expo was well organized.  But the course wasn't impressive and neither were the water stations.  I wish they would have had them on both sides so that the flow of runner traffic went more smoothly.  Many of the stops could not keep up with the number of runners and I felt for the volunteers who looked overwhelmed.

Overall though I would say give this one a go- big beautiful medal, nice post race party and champagne and the race director is really nice and awesome.

As usual, I wore the bunny ears and tail and DH took this of me post race.  I need to get a shirt that has more info about the bunnies on it, but I do get asked about the there you have it :)

Whats next?  I am not entirely sure.  I am registered for the Air Force Marathon in Dayton Ohio.  It is a race that is very near and dear to me as it is where I finished my first marathon ever.  It's well organized and I am staying close to the base so I should be able to walk to the start this year rather than having to worry about the parking situation.  Tail and ears?  I don't know yet, hoping to maybe meet a time goal, but it is becoming a signature of mine so I guess we will see.

Hope everyone is doing well and more soon!

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  1. Thurman is adorable!

    Congrats on your 12th Half Marathon! I completely agree with your assessment of the race. 100%


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