Thursday, December 13, 2012

RnRBunny Did WHAT!

I registered for a 50 mile race.  Yes, you did in fact read that correctly.  I registered for a 50 mile race.  Originally I thought I might have another commitment in May, but that fell through and so I bumped up my goal of the 50 miler to May. 

Back in 2006 I ran my first marathon, the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio.  It took me 6 hours to finish, mostly because I really had not trained well for the race, but I finished nonetheless.  Immediately after that race I discovered that people participated in these races called Ultra's.  And that there were even distances of 100+ miles.

That was quite awhile ago, and I have completed one 50k in 2011.  But, I've never quite been in a place where I felt like I was capable of running that kind of distance, and who knows maybe I still can't.

I did sign up last year, but as I've mentioned before my year kind of fell apart, but I decided I would make 2013 my year.  So I signed up for the 50's For Yo Momma race in May.

Honestly, I'm really nervous.  But in keeping with my goals (the one about dreaming big, but working even harder) I thought that I should just go for it!

All of this is in preparation for my big goal of completing the 100 miler.  I don't have one officially picked out yet.  Mostly because the idea of registering for a 100 miler scares me shitless (apologies for the language).  I have just never been the model student when it comes to training, and I am trying to change that.

God bless my hubby.  I told him last night that I registered and the first thing out of his mouth was, need a buddy to run with?  I can help you train...

That's why I married him :)

I hope 2013 brings lots of fun races and good times.  I know it will be hard work, but it'll be good for me.

And I side note, I changed the title of my blog a little bit.  It's now called Running My Cottontail Off :)  I still like to think of myself as the RnRBunny...but I thought the blog could use a little more catchy title.  Hope you will continue to follow me.

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  1. Congrats on signing up for a 50 miler!!! I really want to sign up for one myself, but the timing isn't working out right yet. It will happy some day, but until then, I'll live vicariously through you!


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