Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Motivation= Registering for a 50k

Since I am trying out the new me, before the New Year....I decided to locate a 50k training schedule to get my tush in gear!  I found one that I think will be handy dandy and it's nice because the higher mileage is on the weekend when I can get up early and still have plenty of time to work on my dissertation.  It also still gives me some time to work out or cross train during the week...

I found this awesome race series that is being put on at Alum Creek near Columbus Ohio.  It's a series of two races and you can pick from multiple distances.  The first is on January 20th and I opted for the 20k and then the monster is on February 17th which is the 50k.  I am totally stoked because I have a schedule that is doable, and a plan to keep active through the worst months in Ohio.  AND....I totally made it fit around writing a dissertation!

There are only 250 spots open for this race so if you find yourself interested register at Premier Sports and as mentioned there are a variety of distances that you can run. 

Did I mention that this is my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR....I confess that I hate to run in the cold, but I just totally dig the holiday lights.  I started a tradition of running on Christmas Eve around my neighborhood to enjoy the lights.  One year I went out absurdly late but it was unbelievably peaceful.  A run plus hot chocolate is the way to go!

I started thinking about 2013 as I mentioned in a previous post and am slowly readjusting and defining my goals.  Never a good time like the present-I say why wait until the New Year.  What are your plans?

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  1. I love to run on Christmas night! We have family over on Christmas Eve, so I can't run then, but Christmas night is the perfect time for me, and it's so peaceful. No one is out! I love to look at the lights in peace. :-)


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