Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Eat Like A Bunny"- the Diet for Life!

You know what is so strange?  I am more careful about what my rabbits eat then what I eat.  You know that old saying:
Part of my mission at becoming a better runner also has to do with eating better and losing a little bit of weight in the process.  Which as anyone knows who has tried to change their diet...this can SUCK ROYALLY.  Last night was no exception, got home prepared to go run-what did I do instead?  Ordered a pizza...sigh.

I think one of the hardest parts of any lifestyle change is breaking the old habits.  For me this is mostly due to emotional eating.  Not because I am down specifically, but because I come home worn out and don't want to have to THINK anymore :)  But the truth of the matter is, on those night I could just make peanut butter and jelly and that would be better than other alternatives.  Not just to my waistline, but to my wallet as well.

I obviously can't change last night but I can remind myself of the importance of eating like a bunny.  Where does this phrase come from?  DH told me that if I wanted to be able to train harder and smarter then I would need to start eating like a bunny.

Ok...maybe not exactly like this bunny but she is modeling the lettuce leaf pretty well! 

Bunnies are designed to eat lots of greens.  Do you remember Thumper and how he always got in trouble for only eating flower tops in "Bambi?"  Well, that's because greens are like bunny super food.  They keep their digestive tract happy.  It just so happens that greens happen to be good for people too!

While Bugs Bunny was a great cartoon, one thing it didn't do well was promote or help people understand what rabbits even eat.  Carrots are like our version of cakes and cupcakes-or what Cookie Monster calls a "Sometimes Food."  Same thing with apples, banana's, and any other fruit-bunnies may have small quantities, but too much can not only make them fat, but it can make them sick too!

So, keeping all this in mind I wanted to remind myself today to eat like a bunny.  No, I am not just going to have salads all day, but I am going to start limiting the numbers of sweets and junk food that I consume because it's not doing me any favors.

I even joined a group called "Cookie Free December" that some of my friends started.  I am not sure if I will make it through the whole month without eating a single cookie, but I am sure as heck going to try.  Every year I repeat the same mistake, bake cookies, work cookies, Santa cookies, then the New Year hits and my stomach is a hot mess because I've consumed nothing but sugar for a month and a half!

So, just remember "NOT THE GUM DROP BUTTONS!"

When in doubt think HAY! This bunny is like the food plate for humans, mostly veggies and fruits (fruits for hoomans ONLY) with just a smidge of the carbs (of the bread and pasta variety) and protein.

Remember those Bunny 500's?  When rabbits are happy they can use your room like a race track and zoom around at high speeds.  Think, if you eat like a bunny you can run like a bunny, and hopefully lose a little of that padding in the middle!

I am only going to meet my running goals if I start putting better fuel into the system.  Trust me, I really want to run those 500's!

Happy Thursday folks!

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